Do you offer warranty on your parts?

Yes. Everything you buy at Harbor Truck Parts is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. The exact length of the warranty changes from one part to another but warranties range from 1 year warranty to lifetime warranty. Many of the truck parts that we sell have a 1 year warranty but the customer has the option to upgrade their purchase to a 3 or 5 year warranty truck part. Delco Remy starters, Sachs shock absorbers, Eaton clutches, Haldex air compressors For example, when buying a SKF wheel seal, you can opt for a 1, 3 or 5 year warranty product. SKF’s CR brand has been continually expanding the customer’s options and now offer at least 5 options for the class 6 to class 8 wheel seal. The CR Scotseal Pro is the cheapest wheel seal available from SKF and comes with a 1 year warranty. The famous CR Scotseal Classic is a 3 year warranty wheel seal. The CR Scotseal Hybrid and the CR Scotseal Plus XL are also 3 year warranty wheel seals. And the latest and greatest CR Scotseal X-Treme. The CR Scotseal Hybrid is currently offered as a special order at Harbor Truck Parts.


Do you deliver parts?

We deliver on the day you order within a 20 mile radius of each of our truck parts stores. In some cases we will deliver your truck parts within 20 minutes of you ordering. From open time to close time we have a team of drivers at each location to look after your truck parts delivery needs. If your delivery location is within 5 miles of one of our locations then we can send the delivery all the way up to 30 minutes before closing. However, as a rule any parts in stock can be delivered the same day, as long as the order is placed at least 2 hours prior to closing time for the nearest location.


Do you need the sample of my part so that you can sell me a replacement?

Sometimes we do and sometimes we don’t. It all depends on the part. The best thing to do is call us at (855) 550-7278, connect to the store closest to you, and tell them which part you’re looking for. They will collect the information they need in order to get your part replaced.


Where are you located?

Visit our locations page to see which location is best for you. If none of our locations is convenient for you, don’t forget that we are still growing and we plan to move into new areas as time goes on. So follow us on facebook or instagram so that you don’t miss out if we open up somewhere near you.


What are your store hours?

This is going to vary from store to store. Some stores open at 7am and others at 8am. However, we keep our information up to date and any changes we make are promptly updated on Google. This way you can simply look up our business on google or google maps and you will see our hours for each location.


Do you sell parts for International trucks?

Yes we do. There are many models of international trucks that we stock parts for. Some common examples are Prostar, Durastar (4300), and Transtar (8600). For these trucks we have a wide coverage of parts across many categories. We are a wide coverage on suspension, driveline, body and collision, filtration, aftertreatment, and more.


Do you sell parts for Freightliner trucks?

Yes we do. Freightliner is the most popular truck on road across the US and that is reflected in the parts we have available. Models like New Cascadia, Cascadia, M2, Freightliner M2, Columbia, Century, FLD, and more are well looked after by our inventory. Whether you need shock absorbers, a new clutch, coolant lines, or even just a light bulb, our coverage of Freightliner trucks models like Cascadia is extensive.


Do you sell new Eaton clutches?

We only stock brand new Eaton branded clutches. We trust the Eaton brand because of our 14 years of experience selling many different brands. Eaton, or Eaton Fuller, is respected and trusted by everyone in the heavy duty truck parts industry and there’s a reason for that. As with many manufacturers, Eaton has released a number of options so that you can choose the price point that works and makes sense for you. Give us a call to discuss the options and pick the best new Eaton clutch for your specific application and budget.


Do you sell Genuine Spicer driveline products?

Yes we do. We stock both the Spicer Genuine product line and the Spicer Select product line. Almost every driveshaft you see on the road is a Dana driveshaft. That’s why the Spicer brand is such a strong household name. And the Spicer Genuine and Spicer Select product lines take care of all the needs you could have for a truck’s driveshaft. The Spicer Select product line even provides replacement components for a Meritor RPL20 and RPL25 series driveshaft.