When you buy truck parts in Harbor Truck Parts, you help pay for treatment for a child with cancer. Each of us who work at Harbor Truck Parts know that we are working for a higher cause. As we improve our business, and get better at providing for our customers needs, we know we are also giving more and more to a cause that could not be more important.

At Harbor Truck Parts we are proud to support St Jude Children’s Research Hospital. We are committed to donating a percentage of our profits to St Jude Children’s Research Hospital every day. St Jude is committed to advancing cures and preventions for catastrophic diseases in children. The thing we love about St Jude is that it doesn’t matter how much money the sick child’s family has, they receive treatment.

St Jude is treating children with cancer without charging families who cannot afford treatment. At St Jude they are also advancing these treatments by searching for new and better ways to fight cancer.

When anyone donates to St Jude, they are paying for treatment on behalf of a family that cannot afford treatment themselves.

And when we donate to St Jude, we have confidence of how the donation is used. Financial statements and annual reports are available easily from St Jude’s website.


Why Harbor Donates:

The daily cost of running the hospital is $2.8 million. That is the scale of the operation running at St Jude. For that reason they need continued to donations so that they can keep treating children with cancer, free of charge.


How Harbor Donates:

There are many ways that we at Harbor Truck Parts give donations to St Jude.

Yearly Profits:
Every year, Harbor Truck Parts takes from its profits at all locations and donates to St Jude.

Drinks & Snacks:
Every day of the week we sell drinks and snacks to our customers along with their truck parts. Every dollar spent on these drinks and snacks is donated to St Jude.

Open House Events
Once a year, at each location, we host an Open House. A one-off event for customers and vendors to enjoy. All money made at this event is donated to St Jude.

The Open House is a day when we invite our customers to bring their families to our stores and enjoy a range of once-a-year opportunities. Food, discounted truck parts, show trucks, and conversations with the manufacturers. Our customers come with their families, bring their own trucks to show off, get discounted truck parts, and discuss truck parts with the manufacturers.

History St Jude

Over 70 years ago a young Danny Thomas was struggling to achieve success. He promised that if he became famous, he would build a hospital. It’s a good thing he stuck to his promise after having success.
When Danny Thomas was in a difficult phase of his life, he looked for guidance in St Jude Thaddeus through prayer. Praying, “Show me my way in life, and I will build you a shrine”. This prayer was followed by more opportunity for Danny. Opportunities in radio, T.V., and film. He stayed loyal to his oath and opened St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in 1962.


Achievements at St Jude

In 2019 St Jude cured a disease known as “bubble boy disease”. Technically termed SCID-X1.
In 2018 St Jude paired up with the World Health Organization in an effort to cure at least 60% of children of cancer by 2030. They are working on the 6 most common kinds of cancer.
In 2010 St Jude launched the Paediatric Center Genome Project. This project’s aim is to reveal why childhood cancer occurs, why it spreads, and why it resists treatment. This effort focuses on those concerns that are so far least understood and most resistant.
In 2007 St Jude kicked off the St Jude LIFE study. This study is an ambitious, long term look at the effect of cancer and the effect of treatments.
In 2006 St Jude reported a survival rate of 94% for patients with ALL (acute lymphoblastic leukemia). This high rate was achieved without the use of radiation in treatment.
In 1996 the chair of Immunology, Peter Doherty, was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine.
In 1984 St Jude opened the After Completion of Therapy Clinic for long-term follow-up of paediatric cancer patients. This clinic was the largest of its kind in the world at the time.
In 1966 for the first time worldwide, ALL (acute lymphoblastic leukemia) patients are taken off therapy. Showing for the first time that remission can be sustained.


What Else?

If you wish to contribute to St Jude, go to You also will often encounter this cause in many retail outlets at checkout. This form of giving was started by St Jude itself and is called the Thanks & Giving campaign. The campaign is also supported on TV, magazines and newspapers, online marketing, and 20,000 movie screens across the United States. Organizations involved in supporting this Thanks and Giving campaign are Target, Best Buy, Domino’s Pizza, Williams-Sonoma, Inc. CVS/pharmacy, Kmart, Kay Jewelers, New York & Company, 7-Eleven, Inc., American Airlines, American Kiosk Management, AutoZone, Brooks Brothers, Busch Gardens, Catherines, Diane von Fürstenberg, Dollar General, DXL Group, Easy Spirit, General Nutrition Centers, Gymboree, HSN, J. P. Morgan Chase, Marshall’s, Alor, The Melting Pot, Memphis Grizzlies (NBA), Nine West, Rochester, Sag Harbor, Saks Fifth Avenue, SeaWorld, St. Louis Rams (NFL), Westfield Shoppingtowns, and Yahoo!.